What is New York Coin? Whats an NYC address? How do I get some?

If you are asking questions like this, I recommend you check out the official NewYorkCoin websites to learn more. If you just want to make a wallet to receive some NYC ASAP, pick one from here. The fastest one will be Coinomi since it doesnt need to sync the blockchain. If you want to buy some NYC while it's still super cheap, it is available for exchange on select platforms. There are alot of ways to buy NYC, the most common method being to buy BTC/ETH/LTC etc. on a larger platform like Coinbase or Binance and then to deposit and exchange it to NYC on one of the platforms listed below.

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When a user clicks your referral link it will save your address to their localstorage until they make an account. Once they sign up it is linked and you become entitled to any of their future redemptions. If a user follows a referral link but does not sign up, the address will remain in localstorage until they do.The FreeNYC referral program is the best way for you to share this website with your friends and earn NYC while doing it. Refer friends and receive 20%* of their earnings for life!
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When you complete an offer, you will receive credits on the specified next payout date.. Answering truthfully results in a higher success rate. Upon receiving, your credits will automatically be converted to NYC and sent to you at the rate below. These offers might promise you prizes or cash. While you are not guaranteed to receive any prizes promised during the survey or offer, you will always receive your NYC reward after pending completion - provided 100% accurate answers and closely followed directions.

NewYorkCoin payouts for surveys/offers is now unavailable. To continue earning from surveys/offers, please join the official discord and go to the #surveys channel. Contact @pasketti#4115 if you need to transfer your existing credits. Payouts for surveys will now be made via tip.cc.

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